Welcome :D

Welcome :D



Started playing Minecraft yesterday,there is just to much to do in that game,before I knew it hours of my life had flown by and I felt as if it had taken a chunk of my soul O_o


Harbl yar?

Yeah, if all goes as plan I should start playing a game called Minecraft shortly, Came up with some rad ideas for new videos with my Brosefski's, just not any that are snow permitted D:



So friday finally, pretty chill so far,a little disappointed a party got bailed on, but i guess it happens. Thinking of some pandaman video ideas, got more then a few down, just waiting for some good timing to get the shit down,meantime just enjoy this blog and the current vids :P.



School is stupid amounts of bullshit sometimes, and it should have a snow day tomorrow to make up for sucking today :P



Even though it is like 5 degrees out with wind chill it is still T-shirt weather for a beast like me :DDD, or maybe I don't care enough to be warm :P. Same thing



This is my first post on blogger :P. I will try pretty hard though to try and keep everyone updated about random things going with random things? Something like that, but i will try to keep it interesting.